About Me

Hello, and welcome! I'm Geon 🎨 💖, the artist behind Geon's Creations 

From a young age, I've always had an affinity for art. The ability to express myself through various mediums allowed me to explore different realms of creativity, resulting in a love for art that has only grown stronger over time. Now, I am proud to channel my passion into creating vibrant, captivating pieces of art

  🎨 Art is an expression of my soul. My work is characterized by bold, vivid colors and imaginative designs, reflecting the inner workings of my creative spirit. I don't limit myself to a single medium. Instead, I embrace a variety of materials like paint, oil pastels, epoxy resin, clay, candle making, or what ever I can get my hands into 💖. each offering its unique characteristics and possibilities.
Jewelry making also holds a special place in my heart. Crafting these wearable pieces of art allows me to merge my love for art with my interest in fashion, resulting in unique creations that can add a touch of creativity to any outfit.
At Geon's Creations, my goal is more than just selling artwork. I aim to share my creative journey with others, hoping that my pieces inspire you, bring joy, and perhaps even ignite your own creative spark. 

My journey as an artist is ever-evolving, with each creation serving as a stepping stone towards artistic growth. I am thrilled to have you join me on this journey. Explore my collection, get lost in the colors and designs, and let your imagination take flight.

Whether you're here to buy, to browse, or to find inspiration, I am grateful for your visit. Welcome to Geon's Creations.  🎨💖